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Friday, 7 March 2014

The Blog List....Hey -MY Blog!

Nearly 12,000 hits yesterday (Friday) and a few questions from comickers.

I've been asked about some of the links on the blog list.  Well, there are the comic links.

Two I recommend right out are, as allways, Subzero's Tales From The Kryptonian, which I check every day.  The other blog I check every day is Crivens!, the blog of Kid Robson and there are allways -ALLWAYS- some very interesting British Silver Age treats there -cover galleries and so on.

Then there are the Comic Community You Tubers -Captainstrangelife allways amuses and comes up with some incredible comic finds and information.  Hippycollectibles, again, amuses me and along with the Cap I'd say they represent the comic "old guys" -yeah, people like me.  Their enthusiasm is quite catchy. Now, Mark -the baggin an boardin bad boy- and side-kick Chloe you'll find via the Fatstackofcomics link. I just love Mark's enthusiasm, which echoes the type of enthusiasm I had before ennui set in. Then we have Comicgirl19 -another enthusiastic pop culturite and some very slick videos.

Oh, and don't forget Undergrounder Lee Turnock.  Or David Gordon -his MyExcess and Chang3ling Dolls sites well worth checking out. And never forgetting Gavin S. Ross!

So, what the heck are Plastic Warrior, Plastic Soldier Review, Rubbishinrubbishout, DMSCraft and Terrainaholic??  

Well, they are all to do with war-gaming/gaming and how to make things for gaming such as terrain, war-game tables, buildings and much more.  Obviously, Plastic Warrior is a war games blogger and Plastic Soldier Review (PSR) is THE site to visit if you game in 20-25mm and all the sets and manufacturers are reviewed there as well as many links.

This is, after all, MY blog. Therefore it will reflect MY likes. 

I'd like to include more on European comics and companies such as Wanga and Hexagon Comics (France) or The Next Art (Germany) but quite seriously, having to chase after companies for years I just wait for them to contact me now. I'm getting too old and if over a million hits and 10-14,000 visitors a day to CBO does not impress well....

If I can find any horror comic sites or horror film sites I'll add those. But NO Dr Who!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Terry. Obviously you are man of taste and discernment, just like myself (he said, modestly). I'm just off to have a look at some of the other blogs on your list. Cheers.