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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Captain America Writer Gets Death Threats .....YAWN!

Personally, I have never regarded anything at Marvel as having to do with the universe and characters that it took decades to develop.  Ed Brubaker "killed off" Captain America and the fan reaction got "the finger" from Brubaker because they "need to grow up -its just a comic" and, of course, a lot of comic book writers consider themselves to be great novelists -not-so-bright fans as well as engraciating journalists who want to be seen as hip and cool only re-inforce this belief. Brubaker just writes comics.

Nick Spencer -never heard of him.  Do I care that he's shitting on everything Captain America stands for? No. Why? Because this Cap has been a Hydra agent "for years" -his whole career. Sorry, but haven't they destroyed and recreated the Marvel universe at least twenty times in as many years wiping out any continuity?   Everything from the "Dark Reign"/"Avengers Disassemle" era is nothing. It's something you might accidentally tread in while out in the park.

You see, this current Captain America really does belong to a massive evil empire -Di$ney. If it made a dollar Di$ney executives would sell their mothers to sex traffickers. They do not care one jot if two Jewish guys created the Sentinelof Liberty to be looked up to and inspire a couple generations to not stand by and let the bullies -whether Nazis, Soviet Communists or evil fascist organisations like Hydra- pick on the weak. Fuck that -there's money involved here (hey, pity they never took that stance over paying character creators, heh?). 

Captain America in the movie universe stands for those "outdated" principles -he'd be happy to sock Trump on the jaw.  But in comics it seems (whatever "twist" this writer I care nothing about puts on it in the end) Cap would shake Trump's hand and say "Hell, yeah! Let's kick them wet-backs and immigrants out....oh. Maybe we ought to keep a closer eye on the blacks and Jews, too!"  

It isn't clever writing.  Kill the character.  Bring him back.  Make him age and retire.  Bring in ANOTHER new Captain America (the number of times they've done that!). Bring Rogers back as Director of SHIELD.  Make him Captain America again. Bring him back AGAIN and this time make him a Hydra double-agent.  Nick Fury in The Ultimate Universe looked like Samuel L. Jackson but in the regular MU he was a white guy with an eye patch who used to chew cigars.  I simply gave up because it seemed Di$ney just chopped and changed to make things fit in with whatever the latest movie was.

I'm past caring.  And which Captain America are these fans supporting in their protests because he hasn't been the same character since that whole Brubaker farce (and a while before that)?

IF people did not buy the comic changes would be made.  But these idiotrs continue to buy it.  So screw them too. I'm taking the moral high-ground here!

Captain America Writer Gets Death Threats Over New Comic Storyline

"Comicbook fans have reacted with fury over a recent plot in the long-running Captain America series which has revealed that the hero is in fact an agent for evil Hydra organisation.

Writer Nick Spencer has even been sent death threats online.

Spencer tweeted on Wednesday: “I can’t respond to 9000 tweets per second, but if I could, I would say I admire your passion.”

 Most fans seem to be upset over the racial aspects of Cap’s unexpected volte-face, and the disregard for the legacy of the character.

 Captain America was devised by Marvel legends Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, both Jewish, who purposely created him as a opposition to the growing threat of the Nazis in Europe, with the first comic emerging in 1941.

As if their intentions were not blunt enough, ‘Captain America Comics #1’ sold a million copies and featured the all-American hero punching Adolf Hitler full in the face.

The shadowy organisation Hydra has always been linked to the Nazis, one of its key leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker being a former Nazi officer.The new story explains that Steve Rogers’ mother is the key to his double-agent status, after she is seduced into working for Hydra when another woman delivers her from her abusive husband.So Rogers has spent his superhero career in the shadow of his mother’s allegiance to Hydra.All that said, there could still be a twist in the tale.

The comic is only the first in new series 'Captain America: Steve Rogers’, so there is perhaps time for another big reveal down the line."

Image credits: Marvel/Twitter

This publicity is, no doubt, giving some Di$ney executive a hard-on. They can see the money. They are sat there thinking -if they do think- that "all those jerks are going to go out and buy the comic now -$$$$$!"
People, you are buying into the publicity machine and some never-heard-of-before writer is hoping this will be his career meal ticket....a decade or more of more stolen ideas and pap.  But check the Yahoo link and see just how angry people are about what is being done to the character who is not the character he was a year ago let alone ten years ago or 70!

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