People. At one point I had over 300 "connections" on LinkedIn. Once those people connected with me that was it.  Messages not responded to -in fact, that was it. I was part of their Connection Collection".  Just like people collected "friends" on Face Book.

Well, cut out all of those false connections -especially the sizable number who were using "I'm connected with Terry Hooper" to get other connections and even go begging for work.

If I do not know you.  If I have never worked with you. If you have no profile photo. I am NEVER going to accept you as a connection. Why should I? I don't care if I have two or 3000 connections. It does not bring in paying work and I joined LinkedIn to connect with small and large comic companies in the US, Europe, China, Hong Kong -anywhere.

How many of my connections on LinkedIn even bother checking out my Black Tower Comics blog or Comic Bits Online? I'm guessing zero.

You are looking for comics to reprint under license outside the UK? Good. Offering work? Good. You want me to review your new comic (ABSOLUTELY NO PDF!) on Comic Bits Online? Fine.  But add me so you have a bigger collection of non-connections in your collection? Forget it.

Visit my blogs or my Black Tower Comics Face Book page but unless its work related please do not ask me to add you here.

Thank You.