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Saturday, 28 May 2016

PFO -Penguin Flight Osaka

Right, it probably is not the best kept secret as there have been a few rumours for a while now but I wanted to jump in and explain what I can.

Penguin Flight Osaka (PFO) is based in...Osaka.  That's in Japan in case you did not know. Anyway, Comic Bits Online and this Black Tower Comics blog get a lot of views from Japan. So why not publish Black Tower Comics there?  The answer to that is very long and convoluted.  Certainly the distance from the UK is a big problem.

So then I was contacted by Penguin Flight Osaka and it was suggested that they publish limited print run comics featuring material from Black Tower comics?  The language would not be Japanese but English because "English comics" in English have a certain attraction -it also means comic readers in other countries in that part of the world might be interested in ordering.

Seems fair enough.
 So what will the comics feature?  Obviously, Black Tower comic strips and characters but also some of the British Golden Age material we've published in the Golden Age Collections. There will also be a little background information in each comic.

But there will also be original strips featuring Black Tower characters created by PFO.  The fact that there will be non-UK created strips as well as short print runs ought to make these comics collectible because the "no extended or second print runs" clause is there. No "ifs", "buts" or "maybes".  Once sold out that is it. That includes if the books were a fly away success -no extra print runs.

I'm still trying to sort out all the angles but I am hoping that I can get a few copies for sale via this blog or CBO.  There won't be many copies if I can arrange it but all the better if you have the comic collecting bug!

So keep popping by and in a month or so it could all be live and kicking -if not sooner!

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