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Sunday, 15 May 2016


(W)  John A Short  (A)Jason Dennis
US size 

This new second edition has a new title - 'REVEREND CROSS' this time.  And it now has a full colour cover (the original was black and white -it was reviewed on the old CBO years back).  The strips remain the same as before and feature two adventures of the first ever female action hero vicar (well, not sure what the Reverend Merriwether would think about that).  
The stories are written by John A. Short (The Clock Strikes, Armageddon Patrol, Savage Jungle Princess) and illustrated by Jason Dennis.
You can buy it by clicking on the link to Kult Creations blog to the right of this post -or the link  above. Your choice.

ALSO... Plans are afoot for more Reverend Cross later this year but not one new issue, oh no -  two! These will feature all new story and art from some of the biggest names in the small press, whoever they may be (and, no, not me).

When I first read Cross,lo those many years ago, I thought that, had this been made into a TV series in the 1960s/1970s then those spectacles and that dog collar would need to be worn by Diana Rigg! Whereas Black Tower's Rev. Merriwether tends to get his requests to investigate over a cup of tea, Cross is far more Jane Bondish (there was a British comic character called Jane Bond so there!).

Zombie Nazis.  Well, they can't be beaten unless they are Nazi zombie super soldiers.  Gunplay, kick-ass fighting and some fun dialogue and stories and you can't go wrong with that for £2.99!

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