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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Enjoy it while it lasts -Enough IS Enough

See if I can write this with my head cracking open...or that's what it feels like.

It seems that I cannot close the UK online store without closing the others as they are all inter-linked which is typical.  I need to point out to those in the United States, Europe, etc., that I do not control the Euro/$ prices.  That is completely out of my hands and is handled by lulu POD -the same applies to postage: I cannot increase or decrease postal charges! There are usually three options for postage so go with what is best for you.

I would like to say that Black Tower "stands on a precipice" but, as a business, it has actually fallen over that proverbial precipice.  The UK Tax Office will not even consider it seriously. On the other hand, just because Lulu POD is based in the United States -printing, postal services etc. are all IN the UK- the US Tax people are taking a big chunk out of what is made (as I mentioned in a previous posting).

Below are the sales -the only sales- since last October? Just under £10.00 and only one item ordered from the United States. But I am told the tax on these sales will leave me with £1.25.  Why the US Tax people have decided to start hitting me with taxes after 8 years I have no idea but they do and just because Lulu has an office in the US!

Sales Date Title Format Channel Region Qty Revenue*
05-May-2016 THE CASE BOOK OF CHUNG LING SOO Paperback Lulu US 1 £2.30
25-Apr-2016 THADDEUS TWATT BOOK I Paperback Lulu UK 1 £1.17
25-Apr-2016 BLACK TOWER SUPER HEROES 1 Paperback Lulu UK 1 £2.05
25-Apr-2016 THE COMPLETE PHANTOM DETECTIVE Paperback Lulu UK 1 £1.43
24-Apr-2016 The Amazing World Of Alan Class Paperback Lulu UK 1 £2.70

You can see from the above that this is not a business. As I've written before, thousands see all the postings on BTCG books on CBO, Twitter,Pinterest, Google+ and many, many other sites. Yet, since 2010 sales have averaged out at 2-3 per year if it was a good year.

My only assumption is that there are no real supporters of Indie comics out there now. If there was a "thriving comics industry" in the UK, as claimed, there should, statistically, be a few sales. The UK sales above are from one customer. With books and genres covered is it the lack of colour putting people off?  If so, that is an awful step in comics.

After a few days pondering things I came to the same assessment as last year: comics in the UK are dead and there is no support or interest in anything other than the hip and trendy DC, Marvel and Image because they have movies and TV shows.

I had hoped a few more US comickers might have bought books or even those in Europe because at least that would show some interest.  But no. Even entrepreneurs who should be jumping into the UK comics scene have shown no interest.

If it floats in the water, isn't breathing and does not move then it's dead.

Support from comic colleagues has Yet they are still contacting me (even this morning) asking for promotion and support of their latest work. A firm "NO" does, I hope, offend. As for UK events who tell me year after year (for7-8 years now) that "there aren't any tables" for me to sell my books at -had three emails from them asking for event promo. My response to them was very rude and very blunt.  Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. You won't? Then I won't.

Grim few years and I cannot even conceive of any argument that "things might pick up soon" making things look brighter.  So, why continue beating myself up?

At some point this year CBO is going.  It's a time waster. I kept hanging on hoping things might pick up but if the glass is empty it is empty.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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