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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

For German Viewers Out There!

I noticed that views from Germany overtook those from the United States twice this week and are currently placing Germany in second position all week.
So, how to give those viewers something that isn't overlong as I want to avoid the legendary super huge postings this site was known for?  If you want the big post go here (material and post (c)2016 T. Hooper-Scharf):

There is a shorter version on where he lived in Germany and how he created D-Group here (again (c) 2016 T. Hooper-Scharf):

Also here ((c)2016 T. Hooper-Scharf):

There are quite a few items on German comics so I'm sure if you check the site you'll find them -the other guy knew where everything was -!!!!

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