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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Why I Do Not Think D-Gruppe Will Get A German Language Translation

As the "Other Other Guy" (that's how I'm referring to him!) ran those German comics postings I did receive a couple of comments from members of my Yahoo Groups.  They had read the posts but were a bit confused as the below cover never appeared.
So an explanation. Not sure how much longer I'll be on the internet and there are other concerns far more important than CBO, the internet or comics (hey, no reader loyalty or support so I'm not that bothered).

This is how it goes. The above cover was intended for a German language version of the D-Gruppe The Zeit Geist Saga trade an for sale at German comic events in 2017.  Two problems arose.  The main one was that after the idiotic Brexit vote, all contact from German organisers, etc., stopped. In part this may have been fuelled by their anger at anyone from the UK because, as in many EU countries, the press/media and even politicians told some horrendous lies about the UK contribution to the EU which was basically "taking everything but contributing nothing" -ignoring the fact that one problem that brought about the Brexit vote was the large amount the UK contributes to the EU.

My mother's family is German. I am pro-Europe and if I pushed French, German and other European comics anymore people would think I was being paid!  That, however, did not stop the idiots from seeing me as "English and anti-EU".  Paying for a translation of a 100+ pages book into German with nowhere to sell it....that was the second problem.  So a rough cover was put together and the reason it was not used in those last postings is because Frank never had a scan and it was "business" that wasn't happening.

I would like to see the book translated and published in German but I am not in the position to do so and the only version is the English language one on the online store

If I do not seem to cover European comics much it is because companies seem to have frozen out the UK. There are at least two who publish their books in English but will only market/sell them in the United States not the UK (I know that means they miss getting their books seen by thousands of American readers each week but sending me review books is not law!).

And I have just heard from Tomppa, the creator of Der engel, to tell me that issues other than those featured in the blog posts have appeared -and he'll send me copies.

I wish Small Publishers in the Nederlands, Belgium and elsewhere were as helpful -I'm still trying to see whether Windmill Comics is still going (Netherlands publisher).

Now, off to gather some nuts....for birds, not me!

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