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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hmm. It IS A Request I Might Consider But....

...let me first make it clear the request is not for me to shoot/drown (done that. NOT fun)/hang or overdose on laxative chocolates.  But that last one....what a way to go -and someone else has to clean up!

Gerd, via the now defunct (yeah, he's not told me why he messaged from there rather than just email me or leave a comment here) Yahoo Eurocomics Group, asked why I do "not look at comics from countries other than France or Germany?"

I've already mentioned that it is a lot of work to just spend hours on the net looking for "Danish Comics" or "Spanish Comics" and even if I did find links I'd have to translate.  As with some French BD that can take a day.  Also look at the fact that nearly every country in Europe provides views for CBO.  It might be easy to start with, say, Eire, then move to Belgium and then the Netherlands but without sources or seeing comics it would simply be "Here is an comic cover from Eire" and so on.

I have touched on Russian comics but I have no idea what is being published there in 2016 so my posts are all based on my collection from childrens comics to Tarzan.  I don't even have a copy of the Red Star Squadron "Salamander" story that was translated into Russian in 1989 but as a Small Press comic.  My copy vanished in the 1990s.

The Ukraine.  Again, another country providing a high number of views but I can't find anything on comics there.

Also...well, I could go on. My German can handle web sites and my French is "piss poor" but I get by.  India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, etc., I have done posts on before in the past and I know about comics there but keeping up-to-date on new books is near impossible because of costs and I definitely do not click on download file links sent to me by people I do not know!

So, I try but I'd need a very high salary to buy and look over comics from outside the UK. CBO is not a high salaried job!

I'll try when I can but after 17 years no CBO viewer has ever forwarded links to comic web sites in their countries so it's a low priority.  But haven't I covered enough for regulars who do not pay but read and move on?

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