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Friday, 16 December 2016

I Just found the Stats

I wondered where these fabled stats were! It seems CBO has had daily views of 1800-2000 but its a bit weird because the USA is in second place and it seems thats been every day since last Friday?  So which is the top viewing country?

Russia.  Seriously all week, every day Russia is providing over 1000 views.  The USA is in second place and the UK and Germany take turns at number 3.  You look at the map that comes with the stats that I have no idea how to copy to place here, and there is this dark green patch that is Russia while other countries are pale green.

Now that will interest Terry as he reckons Russia could be a comic power in its own right and I know he's put projects together in the past -Im guessing he's posted on that?

Well Im off and no idea who or what ("what"??) will be covering for Prof after today but all have a good Christmas and buy Terrys books!


just found out how to do this
Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

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