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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I Got Up This Morning And Got A Honk (which is not a rude double entendre)

HONK! #1
Lee James TurnockColour cover/ B&W interior 
32 pages 
saddle stitched
Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (perfect for stickin’ in your copy of 'The Tender Flesh'!)

Price: $4.00
you can order from 

Britain's Least Known Underground Cartoonist, Lee James Turnock, explodes into the published world with HONK! #1, a blistering satire that riffs on everything from the Wizard of Oz to Nelvana's Raccoons; from Mary Poppins to Disneyfication. Turnock's style is dense & detailed, yet never feels cluttered - a pleasing blend of Crumb & S. Clay Wilson - and his storytelling ability is unparalleled! ADULTS ONLY, children!
 So, is this any good?  Well, as you'll see from the above page it is it's good old Underground Comix and there is a lot of very nice stipling and line work here -well balanced with the solid blacks. The lettering is also nice and clear which, when you get to my age, is neat!

Visually, it is a real treat and quite funny and it was something really nice to get on a crap day.  But am I prejudiced?  Well, according to David ("The British Manara") Gordon:

I got this issue of 'Honk' this morning from our very own Lee James Turnock, and I'm glad I did. On such a sad day it was great to be cheered up in such an off the wall, anarchic, out spoken way. The story is littered with all the things you would associate with the author, violence, smut, massive boobies and outrageous opinions and writing with some references in the backgrounds that will either make you howl with laughter or reach for your MPs number in a righteous fit....either way you'll read the whole thing. Highly recommended reading for underground lovers...more please(>:))
So, one dirty wee Scots bastid really likes it and so does an aged bearding manic maniac in Bristol (that's ME).
Buy a copy and you'll see that the UK does have at least one really good Underground Comix creator!! 

Oh, and evidence from three major scientific institutes has proven 100% that if you do not buy a copy of Honk 1 you will eventually die.  And they ARE scientists.

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