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Friday, 6 December 2013

You Are About To Hear An Explosion In A Tiny Part Of The Comic World

And I am NOT kidding.

This is the booki I am talking about and its cheaper than Fantagraphics will be offering it, I hear.

Now, I am not overly proud that I wrote a best-selling porn erotic comic and graphic novel. But, as a jobbing writer I had to eat and pay bills and I was young and innocent.

Fantagraphic Books/Eros Comix told myself, the later Art Wetherell and David Gordon that our books, Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summer's Night and my collaboration with David Gordon, Maeve, had "had their day" some years back and I've not heard from them in years.

Now, after Dave and I have privately republished the book (ALL RIGHTS are OURS and Fantagraphics were told) I get this message from someone:

"Hi, Tel. Just thought you might like to know (If you didn't already) that according to the latest issue of "Previews" Fantagraphics are putting out "Maeve" (Again?). How much would they owe you for this?

Let me make this VERY clear, we are no longer in the pre-computer age when Fantagraphics could do things without us knowing. Fantagraphics HAS NOT been in touch with myself or David Gordon and have NOT re-negotiated any new contract for a one off reprint or royalties deal and we are NOT going to go with the extremely poor1990s deal. In 2005 Kim Thomson, co-publisher, made it very clear to me in an email that the books had "had their day"

So if -IF- this is true Fantagraphics had best get their asses in touch with us because they re-publish we sue and I am going to ask for a tax audit on all the sales that were "poor" and we got little money for.

And let me put this as clearly as I can: both myself and Dave would ONLY grant permission for a one-off reprint and anything after that would require re-negotiation again based on audited sales figures.

You simply cannot do this in this day and age. Just decide to publish someones work without asking them or negotiating.  European, UK and even US law makes that very VERY clear.

As you'll see below, it appears that Fantagraphics as Eros, NEVER stopped publishing the book. They just never paid David Gordon or myself. This is now going legal.

 They've even touched up the cover.
Writer: Terry Hooper   Artist: David Gordon
black and white
87 Pages
Price: £8.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
Maeve longs for the exciting, fast-paced life of the big city. However, she has a greater destiny ahead of her (see The Darke Child). While travelling on a train, Maeve is attacked by a servant of The Dark Disciple but is rescued in time by none other than M and J (Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summers Night). 
 The duo have been guided there by the goddess and Maeve takes refuge with them. “Communing” with a pagan witch wasn’t enough and, under M and Js tutelage, Maeve finds herself in Otherworld and becoming lover of the goddess herself. Drawn by “The British Manara”, David Gordon, this book abounds in adult adventures in bondage and much much more. STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY

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