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Friday, 6 December 2013

Scumbag Funnies 1

32 pages (saddle stitched)
Colour cover/ 

B&W interior
- Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (A5/Digest)

$4.00 -order from:

According to The Comix Company blurb:

"It's another Turnock classic! In the words of the great man himself: "SCUMBAG FUNNIES is another dip into the deranged imagination of Lee James Turnock that's bound to blacken your nails and leave your fingers all sticky, but on the bright side, it'll make you laugh like a drain and probably make you feel a bit randy"!

PLEASE do not do what I did. I miss-typed and got search results for "Scumbag Fannies"!! oy.
It is a nice little book and opens with what I shall title "Rrip! Shred!" and most comic artists are going to know just what LJT is on about. I certainly do!!  "Jerry Winston"....I wonder if this would mean anything to the "yooths"? I doubt it but once again our man tells it like it is.  "Freeze Frame Frankie" he he hehe...the last two panels...well, not that I would EVER condone that sort of thing unless you could get away with it!!  "The Goddess Lucy" and the line: "You're poverty. That's what you are, bleedin' poverty!"  The longest and best strip in the book.

Some really great art here with some "grotesque" characters and I love the stipling and line shading used. Every  page looks crammed full and looking at the last page it seems quite a simple drawing until you look and see just how much work has gone into it. In fact, you have to be an artist who still uses pencil, pen and ink to appreciate just how much work is involved here.  I just hope non-artists can appreciate it.

Above all, I hope Turnock's books sell because he seriously needs to get paid for all this work!

And check out his blog which has lots of "Adults only" art. Groovy.      

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