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Monday, 21 January 2019

Any Interest In An Update?

One of the most popular non-comic postings I did concerned my collection plastic toy cowboys (yeah that surprised me, too).  Is there any interest in an up-dated post on these?

My 60mm Crescent Mexican bandits I will admit is not a full set as I need only one figure that is being a pain to find...the one at the far right with blanket and throwing a knife.

I really do not have much in the way of Tarzan figures though there was a bit of interest in the images I did post....

Just comment "Yes" if you might be interested in the update.


  1. Yes! Always interested in seeing toy soldiers, etc. I am not familiar with.

  2. Is Crescent a British company?

  3. Hi, John. Noted. Crescent was a UK company and manufactured two scales of figures -54mm (1/32nd scale) and 60mm -I vowed never to go near the 60mm but I broke! I'll work on a follow-up post in the next couple weeks!

  4. Always interested!