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Monday, 7 January 2019

They May (though it looks unlikely) Be Back

The Black Tower Face Book page is still up though it is not my intention to update it in the foreseeable future since it serves no purpose other than to waste my time.

The following blogs still appear on the blog list although they are no longer available to the public and their futures are currently being appraised since they result in no comments or sales but, again, are just ways of my wasting valuable time.

Terry Hooper-Scharf/BTCG
Black Tower Comics and Books
Anomalous Observational Phenomena
UK Golden Age Comics
British Golden Age Heroes

The Zine Zone blog remains and until the previously scheduled cut off date, so too, does CBO.

Really, posting things that others pinch and call their own is bad enough but as I have written before, hours of work posting to...seemingly no pointless.  I'll keep it all in my head.

I've no more to write.

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