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Friday, 8 November 2013

Laugh? I Actually Wet Myself.

If you never check out the Kid Robson blog link on the right you really SHOULD!

Today I clicked the link accidentally and started reading and thinking "I never had this template on the old CBO!" when I realised it wasn't.  Why was I confused other than...uh...what's that word.... I'M AFRAID!!!

oh. Right. Well, Kid Robson -WHO, I need to point out has a full head of hair (you heard right)-- was posting about a problem on a certain UK comics site. Line-for-line it was just the same as happened to me. Same attacks, same moderator excuses followed by more attacks and when I left, yep, I, too, was "blocked".

It is WHY I avoid UK comic fan sites now.  Go on -read what Kid R says!



  1. Seems that some people have a problem with me having a different opinion to them, Terry, and feel threatened by it. I think that's what happened on the site I was briefly a member of. People with grudges against me for my observations on certain U.K. comics seeking to get their own back. All rather sad, really. Thanks for the plug.

  2. Ahhh, its why I no longer bother with UK 'fan' sites -even on yahoo groups this is happening more and more. Just blog it and tell trollers to **** off.