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Friday, 5 February 2016

Bristol Comic Artists....

It's interesting in a way that Art Trails in Bristol -where local artists from different areas open up their houses to exhibit their art- and we have them in South and North Bristol as well as areas such as St. Werburgh's- tend to ignore comic artists and their work.

I've mentioned before that there seems to be an almost entrenched "look down their noses" attitude amongst what might be called the "arty set" toward comic artists.  I've encountered this on more than a few occasions myself!

Comics are popular.  Whereas mum and dad are a little worried about dragging the kids along to look at art in someone's home or leave the kids somewhere while they do the trail, comics are a family thing.

Perhaps art trail organisers who are finding it difficult to draw enough people to their events ought to consider a central comic based event?  Or not.

But I thought I'd try to see how many comic creators there are in Bristol.  I know the main ones but I think there are more than about four -even Small Press creators.  So, if you are a comic artist living in Bristol leave a "Hello" and a link to your blog or whatever.  Let's see how many are out there.

As a footnote I'm betting with myself that no one bothers!

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