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Friday, 12 February 2016

Welcome Japan -UK Comic Events -Go Away!

Above: Globe Fantasy Bookshop c 1979, Ipswich.   Dave and Steve (in hat) were the owners.Photo from Sepp and Rob -thanks!
Very interesting to see that a whole bunch of countries new to CBO have been checking us out! It was very interesting to find that CBO is getting a couple hundred views per day from Japan!


Sad that our two regulars from Antarctica no longer turn upon stats! I do so worry about them...I wonder whether they found a flying saucer buried in the- no. Let's not go there. Where's Kenneth Tobey when you need him?

And it has taken about 11 months but I have restarted work on The Green Skies. A bit of a struggle but I am determined to finish the book before Summer.  Three pages yesterday so I'm getting there.

Despite the fact that certain events rejected my request for a table to sell books from 2011 to last year (and 2016 I got immediate "nos") they -the organisers- the moronic asses "in charge" have started asking me to publicise their events for this year. I started out firmly but politely explaining why I was not promoting UK events and even included the link to CBOs longer post on this matter.

Then one responds that if I was "really into comics" I "should" publicise because people might miss attending the event and that was money they needed.  Yeah, you want to make money "playing" at comics as a hobby (after all they are not making tax declarations -you can find out a lot online these days) but the persons who need to make a real living from comics -myself as a publisher and the back issue dealers who kept these events alive for decades- really do no matter? I told them to "feck off" -but I used the REALLY bad "F" word not "feck".

Do not pester me with your UK events.  Do NOT care one jot -same amount as you care for people who try to make a living from comics.   Take your hobby away -sooner we have an implosion and all these "conventions" are cut back to a bare minimum the better -just like comic shops.

Don't like that? Fuck off.


  1. Oddly...I would have to agree, many things about cons and events bother me. As for comic shops? Aren't they supposed to sell comics?

  2. Sadly, I think you saw what happens when "hobbyists" with no idea take over events -that last Bristol Comic Expo. THE event in the UK but in just one year the new people killed it. Farce. Comic shops -yeah they should just sell comics because I've talked to owners who told me "You MUST have action figures -people come in for those!" but when you ask you find out that comic sales far outweigh any sales of figures. I have no objection to a few figures -in a darkened shop they brighten things up! But comic shops are now calling themselves "Pop media" or "Cultural Entertainment Centres"....WHY do they struggle? Because they told anyone who is a long term comic collector/fan to "f*ck off -We don't do back issues!" Sooner these shops start failing and a lot of the events the better. Maybe then they'll realise WHO keeps them in long term business.

  3. The one in the masks was the only photo that showed the whole of the shop front and didn't have camera shake !

  4. Rob has a memory of it being a bookshop since 1971, the name remaining constant through change of use and ownership. Central City Comics is a 'division' of Globe Fantasy Limited, so technically Globe Fantasy still exists.