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Friday, 19 February 2016

Micronauts and a Little Project I Am Working on....

Well, as no one in Europe has expressed any interest in printing Black Tower Comics under licence after a year or more of trying -sad that the rudeness of not responding to creators has spread from the UK to Europe (but, see, the UK DOES give something to Europe)- and one sale since December, 2015 my attitude has been "Why bother chasing arounde after comics news?"

I did make it very clear last year that what I want to post will take over this did bother reading the posts, right?   Well, there you go.

I'm currently working on some model plans since I am more-or-less forced into retirement.  My timber frame cardboard buildings for wargaming are near finished so I was looking at other projects.
And looking at the 1970s Micronaut that Chang3lings and MyExcess genius David Gordon sent me...I got an idea. Here's a hint....
Those colourful receptacles will be Time Sarcophagi and I'm just waiting on some transfers for them.  I was going to spray paint but I like the primary colours and once LED lights are fitted in it should look nice (I've already tested that!).

Then it's where these sarcophagi will be located.  I've got designs there.

Should be fun and more photos as and when, my old darlings.

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