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Thursday, 4 February 2016

What Happened To All The Comic Vloggers and Bloggers?

Firstly, my thanks to whoever purchased the British Golden Age collection from Italy -all customers appreciated -Thank you!

Now, I mentioned last year that the number of Comic Book Chiq Geeks who jumped onto comics when it became hip and trendy (the hipsters then jumped to the grow -a-beard hipster chiq movement -which is dying out pretty fast -beards are for life now just to be hip) seemed to be declining in number?

See, I was right and we have seen a glut of comics being dumped along with graphic novels and I've heard from one comic fan who got 2014/2015s DC and Marvel books out of a skip.  In boxes, bagged and boarded and according to the apartment manager (where the find was made) the person who dumped the comics "Wouldn't stop talking aboutr comics -the year before it was some other craze -this month its music!"

It's no isolated incident either when you consider swhops in the UK and US can't get rid of a lot of stock and they tell people there's no money in the books they've sold them as "investments" and no, they do NOT want to buy them back -bins/skips.

A year ago I used to sit down on a Wednesday or Thursday and spend 3 hours or more watching the comic collectors on You Tube.  One channel after another has vanished so that now only three long time comic collectors put up videos though only once or maybe twice a month. I now get to watch 15-30 minutes....whenever.

A couple of "nerds" (I try to hold down the vomit) persist but their voices and completely over the top "Geek Dens" raise my blood pressure.

The number of channels and comic You Tubers to vanish is far more than I thought and "Comics isn't for fakers -I'm in this for life!" has, uh, found a new interest in old long playing records....well,he did but moved on to a motorcycle and now...who knows!

And comic blogs have been left with no updates in a year.

Perhaps time for a not high production regular vlog (that's Video Blog but you knew that) on comics other than Marvel, DC, Image or that other company?

Who knows.

Stay tooned, CBOers!


  1. Channel hopping remote control brain strikes again. Similarly, in Alvin Toffler's 'Future Shock' back in the sixties, predicting future trends of human behaviour, he mentioned that the race would become increasingly nomadic. Seems like this has become the norm for mental behaviour/habits as well as location. Tired of it? Dump it and move on, irrespective of the 'care' and 'attention' you had shown it before. Dream hoppers.

  2. I know what you mean re the trendy types picking up on things and dropping them but to be fair folk in general (not just the trendy's) have always picked up on things and then dropped them like a hot brick its nothing new really from music to sport - A few years ago 2 smaller football clubs got to the final of the Scottish Cup there normal league game attendances were about 6,000 and 3,500 yet they both filled out the national stadium on the day of the final with over 55,000 fans (on of the clubs towns population was less than 15,000 people) the next game the losing teams attendance was less than 2,000 and the winning teams attendance went back to the 6000 level etc etc hanger on trendy's at large . The issue is as you note the effect on comics industry these "trendies" have by picking up so many crappy one shots, alternate covers and revamps etc comic companies pander to them (so hell meant them) but that leaves a massive hole in the comic the fans love after they leave - John (above) said it very well.

    1. Somnabutypes, I call them. Mental sleepwalkers, with the inherent typical discontinuity of that mental state. No interest naturally segues logically across a spectrum of subjects, just the newest 'in thing', until they have shown-talk about it, amongst a similar group of show-talkers, but to no greater depth than is necessary for the show-talking activity so they show that they are in with it. But a herd will shift for greater nutrition. This herd of Eloi ancestry has no greater mind food value than a bowl of coco pops with the free gift of a plastic marble.

  3. Oddly, someone on a vlog asked "Where are all the comic vloggers? I subscribed to 34 channels last May -three are left!" Ahhh, flleting mortal minds. I may need to return to my Home World soon.