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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Watch -Comic Book Heaven | Future Shorts

You'll see what I've been saying all along.  Mind you if I had a comic book shop I might be like this.


  1. Everything about the decline of comic books and the greed of the comic publishers he says is true. We all know one of these shops that had to close .... now I´m sad.

  2. What a fantastic shop and reminds of Globe Fantasy on St Margaret's Green in Ipswich back in the 70's. Upgraded now to bigger premises and renamed, but it still retains something of the old feel, simply because, although shelves are for new stock, still boxes run down the middle of older stock. Also the lamps comment had me laughing. The owner has had requests for motorbike helmets and even had the time asked when a giant Batman clock has been behind him for years.