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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Joe Sinnott's Drawing Table

Ahh. This is a real comic computer or digital gear??  Help that kid, will you -he got a sudden nose bleed! White out/Process White.  No. No good.  I used Tippex for many years and for white on black I now use white gouache.  Now watch and learn!


  1. Yes, same as Bib, whose pages were 'crunchy', as he put it, with Tippex. I just found white out annoying from the very start. Joe is amongst my favourite inkers, alongside Jim Mooney and Tom Palmer, however I really like Ernie Chan who did some wonderful inks over Buscema for Conan and John Carter. Again, best viewed in black and white and magazine format. The modern colouring in the reprints are ruinous.

  2. A pity there wasn't a little clip of Joe inking. However, Jeff Miracola has one or two nice video demonstrations of brush inking on YouTube, in real time, not time-lapse. " Brush and Ink drawing by fantasy artist Jeff Miracola ", I think, from what I can see - need to get it on a bigger screen- it's a small filbert he is using first off and then a 4 zero on the fur of a minotaur illustration. Reminds me of the days I had a steady hand, he adds wistfully.

  3. I see Joe Kubert - at his drawing board - flashed up on the screen at the end of this!