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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

System Crash Magazine 2

System Crash No. 2 

Black & White
56 pages
Free shipping within the UK -email for International shipping: details at 
System Crash is a new comic anthology title from many of the undergrounds top creators : featuring...

Bobby Beetroot
Noel Scotch Anderson
John Orlando
Rick Buckler
Garry Hardman
Dave Gordon
Lee James Turnock
Richard Pester

The second in a 12 month experiment to bring new and exciting material to your brain.
Grab it now while it's still available.

It has to be hoped that this little experiment works!  If it doesn't then it is a sad day for comics. The mag reminds me a lot of the old late 1970s and early 1980s - I was there-  UK Undergrounds and the mix is really nice.

Of course, David Gordon turns in the quality work you expect and look at that cover. The cover is worth the  £4.50 alone.

Zok and Cosmic Confrontation reminded  me very much of the old Underground comics before they started to become zines -after which the UK Golden Age of Underground Comix was over. But these two strips have that look and feel but are still fresh so should appeal to the newer (or younger) or older reader.

Orlando also has that more American style (I wonder why?) that you could find in some of the 1980s US comix "back in the day" -though, like everything else in this joy of a publication, it is still fresh and a solid read.  But definitely not for the kiddies!

And then....Lee James Turnock.  That's all I should need to write. Much maligned by less talented people, Turnock consistently produces well crafted art and stories...stories that are quite funny -sometimes subtle funny and at other times a sledge-hammer "OMG!" funny.

There is also a very nice four page article, illustrated of course, looking at Classic 70s Toys -Cyborg, Muton and Android.  Obscure comics and obscure action figures/toys are my thing but their back stories are usually really cool and this article taught me quite a bit!

I've said and written a few times (!) in the past that we need less "mainstream" comics and comic magazines that feature pop culture items in the UK.  I think this publication does that well.

I'd like to think that a publication such as this will get good sales and, perhaps, continue after the 12 issue project is supposed to conclude.  If you miss out on these then you'll be paying a fortune for a copy on Ebay in future.

And my review of issue 1 for those who missed it follows art pages!

Above: David Gordon
Below: Bobby Beatroot

Below: John Orlando

Below: Rick Buckler

Below: Garry Hardman and Ed Devore

Below:Richard Pester

And do you REALLY need to be told?  The legend that is Lee James Turnock!!!

Price: £3.50 (excl. VAT)
"An assembling of the best in underground comics today, bringing back the era of great sci-fi and fantasy based comics."
Now that " assembling of the best in underground comics today" is a tad of an understatement. I mean, firstly, there is David (The British Manara) Gordon -hang on -that alone is worth a £5.00 note, surely? Bobby Beatroot kicks things off with "E-Ternal" but then you have Noel Sanderson and "Sorority Girls In The Doll Asylum of Doom!",if I had the money I'd pay to work with him.  Great art style.  Then we have John ("The Duke of Comics") Orlando turning in an equally great strip -"Cybergen" and Rick Buckler's "Night Devil" -another artist with a great style and kinda talented!Garry Hardman is another artistic talent worth taking note of -"Harry Harry Quite Contrary" is a real eye-catcher.
Dave provides Cliche Girl and Changelings not to forget Buster Cherry -the man is a talent and vastly under-rated and ignored and here he is contributing THREE pieces.  You got brains? BUY!
Oh, and when we speak of under-rated and talented I need to add that none other than that reclusive reprobate of the A0 Board, Lee James Turnock contributes "The Problems of the Young Cartoonist" and, again, that contributes £5.00 worth so just Gordon and Turnock give the book a £10.00 value -and it's being sold for $4.50 -order details as above.

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