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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Dr Who. Capaldi NEVER jumped. He was pushed.

Just in case our American readers do not know the truth about Peter Capaldi leaving Dr Who here are some facts.

Apparently at the last SD Comic Con both Stephen Moffatt and then Capaldi "revealed" that Capaldi wanted to leave Dr Who because "He's getting older and all the running around is exhausting".

This is BBC white-wash shit.

The BBC decided to get rid of Moffatt and Capaldi HAD to go.  The new fella coming in as Dr Who boss wanted his own Doctor and not some cast off.  It is that simple.  It is how TV works and there are plenty of examples. You can, of course, say "The BBC just dumped me!" (a few past Dr Whos did this and how often did they work after that....?

The latest trending lies to get rid of someone for some executive reason or because "we need to speak to the right demographic" are:

(1)  He/she isn't as young as they used to be and there is a lot of physical work involved.

(2)  "They were too far away from their kids/family and wanted to spend more time with them"

(2) above has been done to death. BBC 1 (TV) popular Death In Paradise. Wanted someone younger so Ben Miller went and out came good old lie (2).  But guess what? Kris Marshall was not working out as Miller's replacement, in a series that had turned more to romance than crime. Out came lie (2) one seems to check.

Or maybe the BBC doesn't care because people are so dumb that they really -REALLY- believe that the BBC is some sort of truthful independent kindly "Auntie Beeb".  Never was.

So Capaldi never jumped.  He was pushed -just go over his interviews and how he planned to develop his character....until, of course, he realised he was getting on a bit.

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