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Monday, 27 March 2017

Steve, John and Kevin -Here Is My Response

I swear it is not just me.  Really, it is NOT just me not getting sales from comic fans who have been life long readers of comics "for the last six years" and know nothing about comics outside the current Marvel or DC vomit..and hip, cool and trendy Image.

David Gordon has produced great work and Dave -A Cosmic Oddity really should have gotten some type of graphic novel award...or been picked up by a major publisher.  You can read about it here and let me say that since February 2011 that interview has been seen 16,364 times and is the third highest viewed post on CBO.

And there is the much bigger post about the man's Chang3lings dolls as well as toys and sample pages from Cosmic Oddity here:

So, has Mr Gordon been flooded with orders? No.  Seriously, I find it incredible.  This is NOT my stuff.  Not Black Tower yet another under rated creator in the UK gets no attention while people who can hardly draw a square are hailed as hot new talents.

And what of that fashionable thing (I really could NOT bring myself to write "young" and lie to you)? He is finding it hard to get tables to sell his books.  What about all the plugs for his books on CBO? All those views?

Nothing.  He can't even afford a new walking stick.  But there was a Focus post on him so check that out:

Ben R. Dilworth is one of the most under rated creators and I have showcased his work on CBO numerous times.  People check out those posts.  I did a focus on the man here:

Lots of views.  Sales....none.

This, despite what the frauds in UK comic cliques tell you, is not a good sign.  It does not show a healthy 'industry'.  There is no UK comics industry.

These are just three creators who cannot even make modest earnings from selling their books. And if Black Tower Comics & Books is the biggest Independent publisher of black and white comics and graphic novels in Europe and cannot get sales you have to be an outright mental defective to say this is healthy for the comics scene.

Middle class, arty cliques playing at Small Press publication (and 98% of them never having read a comic before) while egotistical gas bags lie about how great they were when working in comics is all you will get.

So, Steve, John and Kevin -this is what you should think about before jumping into comics as a career since no such job exists.

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