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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

[Internet] WTF - Finn Jones leaves twitter after SJW attack him for IRON...

SJWs are ass holes  who have never read the comic. Do we now white wash history for whining ass holes?


  1. I never understood the negative comments about this new series. I mean apart from the fact that he does not look as fit as I imagine someone like Daniel Rand Kai to be in the comics he is a white blonde guy. Sorry, but do we have to turn everyone into some kind of minority group now ? That does not make sense either.

  2. Which means that the 1960s ITV series The Champions was racist because three "white" people crash in the Himalayas and are given special powers...but arent Asian. So, excluding everything else wrong with it, Tarzan is racist BECAUSE he does not become black. The whole origin of these stories is that Europeans/Americans become lost after crashing, being washed ashore in an unknown land and are then taken in by some locals/apes or people from a lost city and raised to become....whatever. They return home sometimes and their new adventure begins.SJWs have had their day and they know it. Comics listened but then realised they were losing readers because of NON Comic readers. SJWs have tried this stuff in RPG gaming and elsewhere and all get blown out. Movies and TV is a new target everyone sees so it gets SJWs their few press lines. After this they all go back to their sad lonely lives.