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Friday, 14 April 2017

As Promised....It Is Friday (it IS Friday, right?)

March saw some 73, 366 views of CBO. This means that 73, 366 viewees saw all of the Black Tower postings, up-dates on why Black Tower really needed the support of fans of Independent comics to survive.

February, I believe, saw 80,000 views.

This week alone there have been just under 20,000 views of CBO.

It is now Mid-day, UK, so I am now going to quickly check the online store and see if anything has happened there.


Nothing sold since last year which brought in only a few £/$ -about enough to buy a copy of Return Of The Gods.

This is the truest picture you will find of the state of the UK comics scene and it also rings true with a lot of American publishers.  It does not matter how much you promote, how many people see your work or how many say "I'm going to have to buy this!" (that would have been 50 sales in 2016!). If there is no support for original material it will never change.

Someone on a blog yesterday reported paying out $75 for a copy of X-Men Gold #1 because the hype (yes, he called it "the hype"!!) from his retailer as well as dealers online was that this book would be the most collectible and valuable book to have in a few years.  Another idiot paid $40 each for 4 copies of the book based on the same thing.

IQs have really dropped.  Just many thousands of copies around the world that need to suddenly be destroyed to make YOUR copy worth a few dollars.

Seriously, a US Independent publisher could have been saved with that $75 or $135....or staved off the inevitable end.

I am not going to go into why comics is in such a mess.  Been there and done that over and over in the last decade or so. Oddly, people are also now realising the reasons. Better late than...well...late. Too late.

This is why I stopped all new projects.   My drastic weight drop tells you about the comic situation. But, hey, don't worry about that (as it) -go out and waste your money on X-Men Gold suckers.

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