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Sunday, 16 April 2017

The New Dr Who?

Can't find anything on the BBC (but they are usually the last with news) but all the press appear to be announcing this.  If true at least it kills the thing for me completely. Take this as RUMOUR.

"The Doctor is too old!"/"How can you get romance with an old Doctor!" all paid off. Now Capaldi is discussing why HE made the decision to leave. Shit. I've written about this before, like Eccleston, Capaldi was pushed.  New Dr Who boss wanted "his own Doctor" and Capaldi had talked many times how he wanted his Doctor to develop. And Marshall left,after ruining Murder in Paradie, LONG before Capaldi got the push. Remember he (Marshall) left the series ~using the very over used old code~ "to be closer to his family" which is the reason his predecessor gave!

Kicked out is kicked out.

Finally a good Doctor in Capaldi just new writers needed.  Now the reboot mentality kicks in.

New TARDIS name will be crock of shit.


New Doctor Who revealed ‘as Kris Marshall takes over from Peter Capaldi and has already joined the cast for filming’

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