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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Thoughts On The Vastly Over Hyped Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

I actually sat down and watched Guardians Of The Galaxy on dvd.

Is there a joke I do not know about?

Actors were okay. Plot very formulaic.  Dialogue not that original and the characterisations.. I guess it was only the good acting that pulled it off.  I sat there and as "Baby Groot" started dancing I thought "This is not good."  In fact, based on what I've seen of the new movie...uh, "volume 2" (WTF??), I can see where Di$ney is taking it all.

I thought a cropped haired, "guy in the office" banter was bad (but the movie has not been released yet so...) but lots more colour and my mind did think "Di$ney movie" (which it is).

I can see what they were trying with Guardians, just like you can see in the Thor trailer, they are trying to establish as many characters as they can.  Thanos seen more, Ronan The Accuser (I wonder whether he'll be popping up in one of the Avengers movies?) anbd even a glimpse of the celestials, thew Nova Corps, The Collector (less menacing and more a joke), Howard The Duck....mentioning the Kree again...

Big flaw (BIG) was that we saw Thanos had not defeated the Avengers nor destroyed Earth, etc., because here he is in the future still looking for one of the Infinity Stones.  So, when he turns up to "do it yourself" as we saw at the end of The Age of Ultron ....we go to the cinema knowing there will be a fight but he is going to lose.  Big build up of threat squashed.

Quite honestly, part way through I was thinking "is this Star Wars?" Really not one of "the greatest movies ever" in fact, it was a bit of light viewing and WHY would you want to go and see it twice...three times or even, as one person claims, six times?

I think this shows that hype, hype and over hype really works because I was expecting a great movie and ended up being very disappointed.

I know Kurt Russel is in "volume 2" but I'll give it a miss.

Really, really disappointed. As for the whole Rocket Raccoon and Groot craze....morons.

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