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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Indiana Jones 5 Delayed.....It's Just About Business Plans You Know

According to Jack Shepherd of The Independent

Indiana Jones 5 release date pushed back by Disney
The film was originally scheduled for 2019

Disney announced a whole bunch of release dates last night (25 April), revealing when fans can expect Star Wars: Episode IX, Frozen 2, and the live-action adaptation of Lion King to touch down.

Perhaps one of the more exciting announcements was Indiana Jones 5, which was given an exact date: 10 July 2020.

Previously, chairman of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn had said the company would "bring him[Jones] back to the screen in 2019.”

The fifth film in the Indiana Jones series will see both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford (who will be in his late 70s) return, with a script penned by David Koepp, who also worked on the widely panned Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.
A delay on the release should come as no surprise to those familiar with Spielberg's upcoming schedule: the director is currently working on Ready Player One and the Tom Hanks-starring story about The Washington Post, tentatively titled The Post.

Producer Frank Marshall also previously confirmed the fifth entry's plot will be a direct continuation of its predecessor; whether Shia LaBeouf will return is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, Star Wars: Episode IX will reach cinemas 24 May 2019, a surprising move considering both other main-saga sequels touch down in December. However, Disney will likely still dominate Christmas 2019 as Frozen 2 is set for release late November that year.


When you think about it this hasn't got much to do with busy schedules. Jeez, Ford ain't getting any younger. The Crystal Skull had some good performances and Blanchett was one of the hottest villains -and I ought not to have been rooting for the villain.  But, come on (though I did laugh) hiding in a refridgerator will not save you from a nuclear blast.  Also…there were things popping up out of nowhere that made no sense. So, yes, it got panned.

Now look at it from Disneys point of view. Star Wars as a franchise has a lot of followers. Probably more followers than the Catholic Church. Okay, long time fans are ditching the Marvel Star Wars comic for a lot of reasons but the movies make money. The merchandise makes a lot of money.  Oh, so much money that for the executives it’s better than sex with a high priced hooker. Star Wars =money making guarantee.

So get the movies out and make a quick mound of cash –it is the “business plan” used with Marvel comics also (check out that Comicgirl19 video).

Frozen…seriously?  They throw this cgi swill out in the bucket load like slop to pigs and people still go to watch it –pay money….buy merchandise.  Almost guaranteed.

Lion King live action….well, Beauty and the Beast got quite panned but it still took 18.4 million over its opening weekend.  Money. It made money.  That Indiana Jones movie made $100,137,835 on its opening weekend but the serious panning it got…

Disney really do not know or care about the “product” or the investment in a character that fans give.  They only understand money.  So go with the most likely to make big money first and three Star Wars films will do that. After all, interest in them might wane so get them out and money in now.

I think that if Disney could get one Star Wars film out each month they would. It would kill the franchise eventually but they’ll do what they have done with all their other properties –store them in a cupboard and bring them out for special events….a bit like Uncle Walt’s head.

So those fans of Indiana Jones who are screaming about the delay: tough. This is about making money.  It’s a business.  They do not make movies because it makes them feel “creatively happy”!

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