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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Titan Books ~Tarzan And The Lost Tribes (vol. 4)

If you are a Tarzan fan then you will no doubt have tried to complete your comics collection ~Marvel, DC and Dell before them.

I have written on UK Tarzan comics before ~you have seen my guide to collecting UK Tarzan comics?  sigh.  Here is a link

But the newspaper strips by Burne Hogarth have been a mainstay of the comics since the 1940s. However, completists trying to collect all the newspaper strips will know that it seems near impossible at times and dealers will hit you with incredible prices.  And there you have the faded or not great quality original newspaper strip.

Enter Titan Books.  They seem to have specialised in bringing quality collected reprints of Tarzan strips at a very reasonable price.  But there is also the Tarzan On Film book that I would highly recommend. I reviewed it here...

Volume 1: Tarzan In The City Of Gold impressed me with the reprint quality but also because having done some research, I knew what it might cost to buy a collection of that serial strip.  I reviewed that book here...

Vol 2: Tarzan Versus The Barbarians made me giddy with wonderment!  I reviewed it here...

Of course, I was waiting with baited breath for one particular strip to appear....and it did! Vol. 3: Tarzan Versus The Nazis!  Yes, Tarzan kicks Nazi ass ~could it get any better?  Did I enjoy this read? My review is here....

And now we have vol. 4: Tarzan And The Lost Tribes which is the penultimate volume in this collection.  Oh we go!

Tarzan - and the Lost Tribes (Vol. 4)
The Complete Burne Hogarth Sundays and Dailies Library

Burne Hogarth & Rob Thomson
    • Dimensions: 324 x 246mm
    • Hardback: 112pp
    • Publication date: 24 April 
    • ISBN: 9781781163207
    • RRP £39.99

    Collecting the unparalleled works of Burne Hogarth on one of the most influential comic strips of all time, Tarzan and The Lost Tribes is the penultimate entry in Tarzan: The Complete Burne Hogarth Comic Strip Library, officially authorized by the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate. Bringing together the strips from 1947-1949 and lavishly reproduced in full colour, the series represents the most complete collection of Hogarth’s highly sought-after Tarzan Sunday strips available. 

    Man, look at that cover. And Joe Jusko has written the introduction and please do not say you have no idea who he is!  Check him out on Deviant Art as his web page seems to be...a mess.

    There are three serials collected in this volume: Tarzan And N Ani (1947~1948), Tarzan On The Island Of Mua~ao (1948~1949) and Tarzan And The Ononoes (1949).  Tarzan fights and kills most anything human or animal including a spotted lion at one point (cryptozoologists take note).  But you have a submarine, underwater action and a giant octopus.  Well, of course there is! Hey, the jungle lord even gets into a gladiatorial fight at one point.

    The art is lovely.  Nice and detailed and even the colour gives the artwork a feel "of the time" and yet is still pleasing to the eye and it gives even the barbarian warriors a cool look. But do you know what made me smile? The Ononoes! The Oh No Noes!! Love the name but then you see the characters and...MODOK anyone? Just look at that panel below.  Surely Kirby must have been inspired by these when A.I.M. and Modok were born? (image not from the book ~this is a poor quality online image)

    I know what you are thinking ~that cover price.  Well if you shop around you can get a copy for less but the cover price is still low for a great collection like this. And these are really great quality ~I have not seen better quality collections than these~ with just five volumes covering the entire Hogarth run (volume 5 obviously not yet available)  if you are a comic fan or comic collector these are surely must haves?

    As far as I am concerned...I cannot recommend these books highly enough. 

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