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Friday, 14 April 2017

Edinburgh Comic Con and Chang3lings, Dave's Pop Art and MyExcess -three reasons in one to go!

Well, in these dark times we need a cheery event.  Bristol doesn't have one but Edinburgh does!!!

Edinburgh Comic Con 2017
 · Hosted by Edinburgh Comic Con
  • 15 April - 16 April15 April at 10:00 to 16 April at 17:00
  • Edinburgh Comic Con
    150 Morrison Street, EH3 8EE Edinburgh, United Kingdom

And David Gordon's MyExcess, Dave's Pop Art and Chang3lings will be there!  Sneak peek?

Firstly, the man to look out for!!

TV/movies...the stars.  Want a unique one off painting?  Favourite Dr Who or Dr Strange?  All I can say is that it is very lucky I have no money at the moment or else....I would have no money just lots of lovely art!!

You want a real unique investment look at these!!  And they are one offs!

And Holy Mother of anything holy -action figures and unique one off dolls

 What's in the boxes?  If you are a figure collector your knees would buckle faster than....well, you would get giddy and faint!  And NO rip off prices either.

Makes you want to travel to Scotland!  And if you ARE in Scotland you really do deserve to treat yourself to a day out!

Official Notification:

David Gordon/Dave's Pop Art?Chang3lings/MyExcess cannot be held responsible if you are overcome by all the goodies on display but please do not faint on the display.

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