Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Blogging, Googling -same thing. Except if you are Blogging and Googling

At least part of the mystery of "where have all the CBO viewers one?" has been solved. Not bad viewing figures here but there was a drop.

Yesterday I was checking my Google+ page and inadvertently pressed the wrong button..1,523 views. I checked again because I had not idea what this was for.  It seems the CBO items had received 1,523 views via Google+.

Which got a loud "huh?" out of me. I fumbled about in the CBO dashboard and found that comments from Google+ were no longer accepted and that stats from Google+ were not included.

But...Google OWNS Blogger???

So, adding up uncounted Google+ views CBO has gone well over 4 million. So many stats seem to be blocked thanks to Google's "clean-up" this year.

I'm sticking with the last Independent (confirmed by two unconnected sources) that CBO has had over 6 million views.

None of this makes blogging fun.

You are checking out the AOP blog, too right?

oh. BUY my books!  :-)

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