Thursday, 12 July 2018

Kult Creations -Captain Wylde 2

Captain Wylde 2
24 pages
American comic sized. 
Full Colour
PRICE: £3.99 (UK)
CREDITS: Written by John A. Short & illustrated by Gabrielle Noble
AVAILABILITY: As print and kindle editions

There is a Captain Wylde blog

The story:

Pirate Queen, Cinnamon Wylde, must seek out famed scientist, Isaac Newton, when her clockwork arm needs repairs. However an old enemy of Wylde and Newton is on their track and they find themselves targeted by assassin monk, Brother Bartram. Can Cinnamon defeat a man who has supernatural sword skills above a sea full of man-eating mermaids?

And quite honestly that is about all you need to know otherwise it'll be spoilers all the way.

I really hate getting these books from Short.  Why?  They are not long enough!  Seriously, as a publisher you have to balance the cost of printing a full colour comic against what you will be charging your customers and at £3.99 you get a good quality bundle of fun as it is.

I like the story with a tongue placed firmly  in cheek occasionally and Noble's art just carries it all along.  The biggest disappointment?  That at a time when a postage stamp can start an argument about "diversity" comics are attacked needlessly for lack of diversity.  Short was well ahead of the field (before SJWs!) with Savage Jungle Princess, Reverend Cross and even Octobriana -all strong female characters so where is all the support for Noble, Short and Kult Creations -they should, if all was fair, be making decent money now!

When it comes down to the basics then it is a question of do you want to read a fun comic with adventure and nice artwork? If yes, well, the Kult Creations store link is above -BUY!!

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  1. Many thanks for the kind words Terry. Captain Wylde is available from the address NOT the Kult Creations one now. All the best, John.