Monday, 9 July 2018

Fat, Stats, Bats, Tats and other things ending in "ats"

  I forgot the other question I was asked: "What are your highest viewed posts?"

That, again, is easily answered by showing the stats on that

12 Dec 2013
5 Mar 2014

The 4th February, 2014 post was directed at Chinese entrepreneurs.  The 13th April, 2014 post was the earlier look at the Avengers volume 1 but in Chinese. Green Skies was the original promo image.

These are views via Blogger ONLY and exclude views from all other  sources.

If you look to the right of the blog (above the blog roll) you will see the top posts listed there. Interesting is that, despite Google/Blogger blocking Peoples Republic of China (PRC) views -the Chinese language posts still get high views.  As far as I am concerned it does not matter what country you come from -the interest is comics!

Cinebook the 9th Art reviews do remain in the top 10-15 posts regularly but I have noticed that delays with the publishers are being reflected by fewer views.  But, folks, look at previous reviews -some nice books there!

I like answering easy questions that are not "How come ---- on his blog is copying what you post?"  That is just a desperate attempt to pull in views by seeing what is popular here.  Sad, but it keeps the Brit has been comickers from trolling each other for an hour or so (a paragraph long posting takes a lot of effort from them!)

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