Saturday, 7 July 2018

Ditko Death Reactions and Justice League OVER Avengers??

It is sad when anyone dies. Let's face it -none of us are getting out of this alive but we need to enjoy ourselves. We need to celebrate things we like -whether war-gaming, arts and crafts, terrain building, flower arranging or comics.

There are quite a few low IQs out there.

It seems every time something happens the arschlochs turn out in full force.

"Everybody ignored Ditko's death -if it had been Lee it would have been blasted all over the newspapers, TV and internet!"

"Ditko created Spider-man: Lee took credit!"

Well, it was two days before Ditko's body was discovered. He lived VERY privately, ignored social media and even fan contact to a great degree. There is nothing special about being found dead days later because no one knew you were ill or died -check your local news weekly. The old lady I knew who was in her 90s died a few weeks back. I never knew until I saw her friend and asked where she was. Other people I spoke to locally had no idea she was dead.

TV and the internet IS all over the story churning out the same stuff. Lee is VERY public and he has a media team behind him so he is in contact with colleagues and family daily. He attends events and even talks to fans when he can (if I see one more little ass-wipe moan that Lee would not enter a long conversation with while signing or being escorted to an event I will personally crucify them. The guy is, what, 97 years old now? Jeez give him a fecking break). Of course people would know sooner if something went amiss with him. 

Has everyone lost the ability to think rationally??

Steve Ditko drew comics. So what? The old lady who died raised a family, had grand and great grandchildren and worked hard all of her life -is her death less important than Ditko's?

Lee came up with the Spider-Man idea and story and Ditko drew the strip and (allegedly) created the costume look we all know and love. Ditko wanted -demanded- FULL creative credit. Lee even put into writing for Ditko (and this is widely known in comics -and despite Jonathan Ross trying to put words into Lee's mouth during the BBC Steve Ditko documentary it was mentioned there) that he considered him to be the Co-Creator of Spider-Man along with himself and pushed for Ditko to get credit on the Spider-Man movies and money. Ditko rejected both (there has been a rumour since the first Spider-Man movie that Ditko did accept money but NEVER confirmed).

If you cannot use your brain to do anything but spout ill thought out rubbish that you have read on the internet or seen on You Tube be quiet.

Remember Ditko for his art not fan boy mythology.

Honestly, by August people will be asking "Steve who?" It's how it goes., I do note prices on Spider-Man and Dr Strange figures ("created by Steve Ditko") and books have sharply increased. Scum are everywhere.

Now, I have managed to keep up with every incarnation of The Avengers thanks to trade paperback gifts and some extremely low prices. I'm up-to-date with the current series up to issue 2. In the current run the story and art have been good. I have reviewed other trades before -just search CBO.

When the New 52 emerged and I saw Justice League 1 and 2 I dropped the title. Several months ago I got sent trades 1 and 2...I then found a very cheap source for trades and, though I had to wait til prices dropped very low, I just finished volume 8 which is part 2 of the Darkseid War. Which means I am a little behind (hey -you want to send me later trades I'm game!) but it gives me the chance to assess the series.

It was annoying to read one trade where Shazam and Black Adam were involved and thinking "I can't wait for the next part...and finding it was excluded. This happened a couple times because the old con of "You HAVE to buy the Forever Evil series to find out what happens" was used. The Darkseid War, at times, seemed a little too cluttered.  Several times I thought "What? What just happened?" and had to flick back a few pages. Bad editorially: more pages were needed or the script needed to be tightened up more.

I got hold of the Forever Evil trade on special offer (I can't afford new book prices!!).  Same there with more clutter and things needing more pages.

ahem...everyone knows I am a Marvelite.  I have been an Avengers fan since 1966(?).

Justice League and the Forever Evil story and art beat up on and pissed all over anything from the Avengers since the mid 1990s.  How the feck does that happen?  Out of the two titles (I have full collections) The Avengers was always light years above the Justice League. Marvel has (excluding the current run) employed bad editors, writers (even known "names") and not very good artists on Avengers since 2000.  I think the last good Avengers book was Avengers Forever by Busiek and Pachecco.

I almost cried when I read the Darkseid War intro explaining how one crisis after another resulted in the DC universe being reborn. Continuity constantly thrown away.  However, once past that the fun started.

I cannot believe I am writing that Justice League (volume 4?) was far superior to the Avengers.  But I have to be honest and fair.

End times indeed.


  1. I first experienced Steve's work at primary school, and, apart from Kirby, his work on Doctor Strange made an incredible impression on me. It was in black and white, a Marvel weekly, and the story was about a living house from another dimension. Afterwards, I saw his Spiderman. I still dip back when I want to see extraordinary originality and a recharge. Thank you, Steve, for your standout, very surreal - in the real sense of the word - work, amongst a sea of the same, whichever dimension you have ascended to.

  2. Nobody else has anything to say about Steve Ditko? Good grief!