Monday, 9 July 2018

UK Comics

"Assess the UK's current companies and the possibilities of their producing new action comics"

Good question from one of my Yahoo group members.  Answer is brief and simple.

IPC Media

According to the top lady there "IPC has been out of comics well over 35 years and does not intend entering the field again."

Panini UK

Image result for Mighty World of Marvel™ vol.7 #4 Mighty World of Marvel™ vol.7 #4 Mighty World of Marvel™ vol.7 #4

Panini are quite happy with US reprint material (inan age when there are so many comic stores that you can go into and purchase the titles regularly what is the point of modern reprints?

There is a closed outlook in the company and a mindset that excludes new UK material (for obvious reasons I've gone into in other posts).

D. C. Thomson & Co. (Dundee Editions)

Despite what some people in UK comics may want you to believe by cutting/editing my post comments and adding their own fiction, I have always said that Thomson could be a force in British comics. 

 However, since the Thomson boss stated on a BBC TV Money Programme episode in the 1980s (1983?) that "comics will be a thing of the past in ten years", things have gone down hill. Almost as though Thomson is just waiting to die.  Lack lustre editors (including the one that told a certain comic artist "Terry Hooper? He's a c***!") and bland art and flagging sales aren't good.

Management would have to give 100% backing to any new comics and I cannot see that ever happening as I do not believe they know a great deal about modern comics.  And new editors would be needed to bring in new talent and new ideas.

Could it happen?  On a scale of 1-10 I'd give the chances at -0

Rebellion Studios

Well, again, despite people wanting to misquote and tell you what I think, I have said Rebellion was a good contender for UK comics.  However, I think its agenda is quite clear and, sadly, I have to rule them out.

Egmont UK

Publishing in many countries (I believe 23?) and that includes comics, Egmont I had hopes for in the distant past. Even proposals sent to its top people get no response and Egmont HQ in Europe always suggests you contact Egmont UK!

I have had phone conversations with people at Egmont UK who openly state they have no idea about comics and would have no idea how to put one together.  This is very sad as Egmont remains the company "attaching toys to promotional leaflets".

There is absolutely no reason why the UK cannot have its own strong and creative comics industry like Germany, Spain, France or Belgium.  However, that calls for someone with money to invest in a company, sit back and let it run (while keeping an eye on sales of course).

In all seriousness I have written and stated it many times over the years that there are two possible sources for revitalising the industry and neither are in the UK.  Namely China and India -both of which have the resources and entrepreneurial businessmen.

The question is are any business people in those countries interested?

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