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Saturday, 24 August 2013

CBO Top 5

So what happened to Friday’s Top 5 Countdown?  Well, HM Revenue & Customs mounted a raid after it was revealed I was taking huge bribes to rig the charts.


Uh, all right –the truth.

There are so many hits each day that by the time I start to write the Friday Top 5 Postings the positions change again.  For instance, the top post has been the David Gordon interview (at no. 2 this week) and it only got pushed out of No. 1 by my posting on letting people near your comic collection!

Later on all these positions may have changed again though I think David Gordon has only been out of the Top 5 once.

Popular Posts you can find listed at the bottom of this page but, for today, here is the Top 5!

(1) A Timely Warning: Never Ever Let People Near Your ...

(2) Goodies From David ("The British Manara") Gordon

(3) Reality Check Controller circa 1998

(4) Time For A Sunday Rant....

(5) CBO Reviews

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