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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Time For A Sunday Rant....

I had an email last year from someone who casually mentioned he knew of a comic dealer who "tears off the back covers of British comics to sell" -it made no sense to me so I ignored it.

Last week I heard from someone who wanted to know more about the comic a pin-up had come from. I looked and had to ask, before jumping to a conclusion, what he meant by "the comic" it came from. He sent me a scan of the reverse side of the Power House Pin-Up.

I had heard rumours of this before.  Yes, because "it's only a British reprint -ain't even in color" some asses or a very big ass is ripping the covers off these 1960s weekly comics to sell as "Vintage UK comic art posters".

For example, on ebay today:

Fantastic Four pin-up Poster Vintage art Marvel UK British

  Nick Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel Masterworks Pin-up vintage art Marvel UK British


  Dr. Strange Marvel Masterworks Pin-up Poster Vintage art Marvel UK British

Obviously an American as I find they tend to be the ones who have to say/write "UK British" -its like saying "American United States of America".

And there are others -all for $20.95 EACH (excl. p&h). One cover...maybe a damaged book so if you can make a couple dollars why not? what??  Several and you know you have an ass buying good quality UK comics and ripping off the back cover pin-up posters to make money -the comic is useless after that.

This is something similar to what antique dealers (I'm holding back the bile here) do: they'll come across an 18th, 19th or early 20th century book with photographic plates or water colour paintings and will cut these out and frame and then sell the pictures -the books are ruined and thrown out because they can screw more money out of the gormless wankers who will pay for the picture  far more than the book. The book is gone. Destroyed.

These comic dealers and antique dealers alike all deserve one fate: to have their fingers shattered slowly in a vice.

They are shits. Scum. They are festered dog shit.

To destroy a book, or a good comic, simply to make a profit out of one page and then destroy the books...if I know you and you do this well, I no longer know you.

Buy the actual comic and read it and enjoy the poster -it will cost you far less money.

Damn. I'm becoming too liberal.



I've just been told that you can see some of these pin-ups that are scans sold as posters at events -some not even A3 (well the comic was only A4).  I have no objection to this. My objection is to the willful destroying of books and comics as noted above.



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