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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Manhwa:The ‘Secret’ History Of Korean Comics

In-between feeling sorry for myself,I have spent the last week researching an article on Korean Manhwa. I know a fair bit about Chinese Manhua,a small amount of knowledge on Manga but very little about Korean Manhwa.  My original article I think shows this:
So,off I went,scribbling notes,straining my eyes and trying to find out as much as I could.  No luck finding the Korean Cartoonist Association and,apart from Jeeyeon Kim,I know of no one else involved in Manhwa and don’t even have copies of any Manhwa.  You can read about Jeeyeon’s efforts here:
I finally typed it all up and was desperately looking for images without flooding the page with Sanho Kim art and came across an excellent article that made my attempt look pale and insignificant.  The piece by Kim Hee-sung [yes,as in Chinese the family name first and given name second so it should be Kim Sanho but we Westerners...],appeared on on 8th October,2006 and you can see the actual article there:
But to continue my policy of educating all who love the Sacred Picture Books I am presenting the article in full following this little piece and THANK Kim Hee-sung for a great educational read!

a reference source:  Son Sang-ik (1999). 한국만화통사 1 (General History of Manwha 1) (in Korean). Sigongsa. ISBN 89-7259-890-9

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