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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Have You Seen the Price Of Rizza Papers? -Re-post:Ganjaman Presents 3

Hey, the wee fella needs to make money to eat (so why he got into comics I’ve no idea!). Here goes a re-post!

ganj cover 001
Numbskull Comix
Adults ONLY
to order: contact Jim Stewart  at

Issue 3 has been a long time coming due to a lot of work being lost when Jim Stewart’s computer died. However, here it is in all its glory and dedicated to the late Pudsy Morris.
The first strip (see below) in this issue just about says it all I think. The second strip, “Billy Weed” looks, uh, somehow familiar and drawn by Pudsy -coloured by Jim. “James Bong In Live And Get High”  does not have anything to do with a certain 007 –unless you are using a scuba tank containing helium with concentrated marijuana vapour.
Hunt Emerson entertains with “The Festival Ritual”  –which is both visually and text wise funny.  What else were you expecting?
Dave Alexander and Jim bring us The Adventures of Spliffer” (the dope friendly dolphin).
But that is not all. You get Bryan Talbot with “Smokey Bears” which has to be a must for Underground Comix collectors. And…YES! Spliffy The Stoner Chick is back.  John A. Short and Gabby Noble entertain us in a way they could not in Savage Jungle Princess. Excellent stuff.
“What If…Ganjaman Had A Power Ring?” by Jim shows us just why that might not be such a great idea.
I’ve not even mentioned the double page poster by Seyfried Zaska which deserves some wall to hang on (buy two copies of this comic then you can rip the poster out of one!). It’s a very cool item.
There is a text piece by John McShane on the life and work of Denis Kitchen (Kitchen Sink Comix) but also…a strip by Denis, “I Was A Teen-Age Hippie!”  that is pure class.
And then we have the wondrous Ganjaman teaming up with non other than Gilbert (yes, THE Gilbert) Shelton’s Wonder Wart-Hog in “The World’s Stinkiest”!
I can’t say that I can name many British Underground Comix that are out there today. We have the mainstream comics from the US and UK reprints but they would NEVER touch this type of material. We have Independents but, again, I’ve seen nothing like this being done there. Small Pressers…nah.
Ganjaman Presents is top quality printing in full colour and in my opinion is the UKs premiere (if only) genuine Underground Comix.  Jim Stewart deserves congratulations for putting this treat together because it breaks through that bland comics barrier we all seem to go up against.
It does say “explicit content” but reading this is really good fun but not for those with their backsides so far up their own arses that the mere word “ganja” sends them into screaming hissy fits.
Buy a copy and have a true Underground Comix experience!
ganj 001 001

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