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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Most Popular Posts? Oh....I AM Soooo Old...

We'll still have our Friday Top 5 Chart but I just realized that the top posts in order are automatically shown at the bottom of the page!  And, yes, massive number of hits for the David Gordon posting!!

Oh, to the Right a newspaper item from 18th April, 1988 about the Bath Comics Mart. Front is Mike D. Hooper. Ladies name I forget. Then David "Blue Saviour" Johnson and a guy who I keep forgetting the name of (I'm old) and at the back Ben R. "A Big Man In Osaka" Dilworth.

I'm out of shot insisting that as the most important person in British comics I should get a photo shoot all of my own.

The cameraman was very rude.

And the David Gordon item getting the most hits is an advert!  So, I've just added his interview there!  :-P

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