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Monday, 3 April 2017

Titan Books: Modesty Blaise -Children of Lucifer

Peter O'Donnell (Writer)
Enric Badia Romero (Artist)
112 pages
296 x 220mm (slightly bigger than A4)
Available 28 March 2017
ISBN: 9781783298600

Modesty and Willie fight to save a young woman from kidnapping and death, against terrible odds and without any hope for success in ‘The Hanging Judge’. In ‘Children of Lucifer’ a skiing holiday with Giles turns into a caper involving Satanists and the Mob, which tests Modesty’s morals to the core. ‘Death Symbol’ sees Modesty and Willie team up with old friends to rescue the daughter of a man who saved Willie’s life, but will the cost of success be too high?

This volume also features an introduction by Modesty Blaise fan and Costa Book of the Year winner Stef Penney.

Wow. Stef Penney. Costa Book of The Year?  Who the what now?  Who cares?

Let's get on to the book.  Not much I can write that I have not already written. The package itself is excellent.  Like the cover design.  The print quality has the "wow" factor because the paper is crispy white which means that the incredible inks are as black as you can get them.  Every detail showing up -printing could always be variable in newspapers the strip ran in because the cheaper the newsprint the better -cost less, make same money back. 

I like the stories but I think the Romero Modesty Blaise is what made me sit up and await that copy of the Bristol Evening Post every evening!  Romero was never "off" on faces or human anatomy in general but when he drew women the images were incredible to look at. Modesty Blaise never looked better and you can see why with these superior printed editions...the shade lines are just spot on.  

The three strips collected here are The Hanging Judge, The Children of Lucifer  and Death Symbol. Action, suspense, mystery and more.  You cannot really go wrong with this book!

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