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Saturday, 13 January 2018

I Be Feelin' Like.....Robot Archie,,,a little...

Point proven.  No one wants to have to actually READ anything so...pretty pictures!


  1. "Archie's a swinging robot!"
    I don't think we got those kind of stories here in the States with Robotman or the Red Tornado...

    Is it just an artifact of your collection or is Archie the most popular Birtish import to Germany?

  2. Bert Bus drew a lot of new Robot Archie strips for the Netherlands and Archie has appeared in French, German (Kobra), Finnish and other languages since created. In India he is still a big character in the Tamil language Lion Comics along with a host of other UK characters. Kelly's Eye, the Spider, Mytek The Mighty...all the deals used to be done at the European book fairs.