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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Wanga and Hexagon Comics (France)

I was asked, after re-posting the Jean-Marc Lofficier interview, whether I could provide an up-date on Hexagon and Wanga Comics?


It is not personal -no falling out- I covered their books quite a bit (I think on the old WordPress blog) and I will promote any company producing quality books in whatever country.  I posted many reviews of Casterman BD if any of you remember?

The problem is that Casterman's person I was dealing with left and then no more review books -even though they got very high viewing figures and I know people were buying them based on reviews.

Apart from the reprint pocket books -Wampus, C.L.A.S.H., Phenix, Starlock etc. that I was initially sent and reviewed all the comics thereafter I purchased.  The thing is that reviews do not work by the reviewer going out and buying the books.  I have enough trouble financially so that is not an option -buying the companies books then promoting them for free?

German companies have been the same and regulars may recall that I used to review and push comics from The NextArt?  Lovely books too.  Then it all stopped. I only got the final issues of Der Engel because the series creator, Tomppa, sent me copies.

People want to buy the books and send them to me to review go ahead!

In this age of there being so many comic publishers you might think that some might think a blog with over 3 million views and thousands of views a day would be a great place to have their books seen. Well  no.

But look at Archie Comics and the amount of reviewing and promoting -even contacting comic shops to try to get them to stock the company's books.  CBO was even being referred to as "The Archie blog" and in thopse days I was being asked "Why?" I was pushing Archie comics.  Suddenly, the comics became  "cool" and it was not so much as a "Thanks for the help".  Nothing.  Not a word.  That is how the industry works.

Titan Books, Cinebooks the 9th Art and others see CBO as a good place to get their books noticed. But I have written this time and again:  you cannot force publishers (small press or larger) to send review books. That simple.

I would love to see more French and German, maybe even Dutch or Belgian comics turning up for review.  Never going to happen.

So I do not up-date because I have no idea what the companies do these days and I don't beg!

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