Sunday, 20 May 2018

It's The 20th! You Know What That Means!

Yes, I promised that on the 20th of each month for total transparency which you will find no other publisher doing, I would show sales for the month.

Firstly, however, a few facts.

Only one person, who could hardly afford it really, made a PayPal contribution to keep CBO going. Yes, out of the 80.000+ who visited CBO in the last month -one thought  the site was worth supporting. That is a pretty damning indictment of so-called 'comic fans' today.

I've given up the idea of appealing to alleged fans after all these years because there is zero interest on their part.

Even the idea of supporting an Independent publisher -this goes to everyone no matter what country you are in and I am not just pointing the finger at those in the UK- gets less consideration than the piece of snot pulled from their noses.  When I pointed out that Black Tower had a grave but just needed to be rolled into it where was the 'comic community' support. There is no 'community'.

So being urged to appeal again gets a snort from me.

So, for the 7th month running -sales of Black Tower Comics & Books:

'Thank you'.

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