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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Robotech RPG, a Kickstarter Failure and Palladium's Liability its Backers


  1. Is there any word on any new license for Robotech for the role-playing game?

  2. Hi, William. I think the video makes it pretty clear that Palladium screwed things up. This means that if anyone else thought about a Robotech board game they would be facing a lot of problems because unless they actually MANUFACTURED and then PUT ON SALE such a game I doubt people would invest more money. And after this fiasco there would be very little trust between a company kickstarter and potential customers. It would be like saying "I get mugged every night going down that alley" So why keep going down that alley? "I'm just plain dumb". So, no news but Robotech boardgame might be nice to see.