Wednesday, 16 May 2018

So The Limit is 15,000? I am NOT Talking About My Bank Account Either!

I've been trying to solve a mystery. Views have been getting up to 15,000+ a day and that's it.  I am not complaining because 15,000 is 15,000.  But odd things happen to the blog stats.

You see, there are audience and there are over view stats -both give totally different numbers (Over view tends not to include views from non-Google servers -yah! Boo! Sucks! etc.).  Audience tells you the actual number of views broken down by countries.

I thought it odd that the counter hit 15,000+ and then figures dropped which they should not because if you have 15,675 views at 14:00 hrs on Monday then you should still have 15,675 views at 17:00 hrs on Monday with any extra views added. You should not see your views have dropped by 5,000.  That makes no sense what-so-ever.

So I chatted with a couple of bloggers who specialise in internet blogs and tech advice.  It seems that even my audience figures would not be as high as they should be because certain countries -for various political and foot stamping reasons- are not included.  I also discovered that Over View is never correct because of delays in adding views -I thought they went straight to the counter at the top of the page and onto the system. Okay, I'm not that internet tech savvy!

I was told to give them both a few minutes and they get me an accurate figure. "Thanks" I said "but I'm not really willing to let people onto my dashboard -no offence!"  I was told that was wise but that access to my blogger dashboard was not required. Right.

One told me that my counter was hopeless and I was actually over 5 million views.  The other fella told me I was 50 thousand views off 6 million. They exchanged emails and agreed that 5.5 million views was far more accurate.

Now I have always said that blogger stats were somewhat dubious but it seems Google+ is also "So artificially low it's a joke".  See, they find all of this out without even access to my Google /blogger dashboard -"safe internet" my arse.

"You are getting on average 16-20,000 views a day -you should be earning from that but forget adsense!" Okay, everyone who is a regular here knows I suffer from dyscalculie -basically numerical dyslexia- so they might as well have said 30,000 to 80,000 a day. It's hard to explain but its just a number or string of numbers.  Now, you show me a visual of 25,000 people then I'll know what you mean!

This means that I really ought to announce "almost 6 million views", however, it's all far too much effort! I'll wait until the counter at the top of the page tells me there are 6 million views.  And as it seems to stick on one total and not update itself accurately, that may be a good ways off!

But numbers nice to know...if pointless to me!

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