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Friday, 4 May 2018

Would YOU Like To Be Connected?

I have been on LinkedIn since it started. Back then it was a place for professionals in different places to link up and get recruited or propose projects, etc.. At some point it suddenly became another Face Book clone.  I had about 300 "connections".  "Connections" are people who say "please add me to your network" and that is the last you hear of them. Comics, petro chemical industry and even catering.  Nothing to do with comics or publishing -in the period 2002-2018 just how many people or companies have messaged me or offered work?


Seriously, I promote Black Tower Comics and Books there but nothing. I ask "Why would you like to be connected?" No response. I deleted all but a few of the contacts -people I've known for years- and I made it clear NOT to ask to join my network unless you were in publishing or offering work and if you had no profile photo -go away. (the number of times Roger Broughton -let's not go there- has tried to link up with me!)

It is like Face Book and other "social media" -people out collecting friends or contacts but never ever wanting to communicate with them. It's like a Panini football sticker album...keep going until the album is full because it looks nice.

The Black Tower Face Book page gets requests to "join" or become a "member" which is a nonsense because there is no membership or joining requirement -it's an open business page. I explain this to someone and that's it.  They go. No further interest. They can't collect a group then that's it!

Back to LinkedIn. I keep getting told how many times I have appeared in searches. This week the searchers were from the University of Wollogong (Australia I guess), Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd and World's Leading Wines and since I'm teetotal that's odd. A month ago the searcher that made me laugh was Central Intelligence Agency.  Yes, the CIA.  It was probably to make sure I had not said anything about that secret mission to stop an alien invasion in 2005.


So I obviously do not bother too much with LinkedIn.  Someone wants to offer me work -PAYING work- I am easy enough to contact.  Social media rather like "business online" is another big fake.

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