Saturday, 26 May 2018

Wake Up In The Morning and Everyone Wants To Take The ****

I said I will not use Patreon to try to keep CBO running because it is like begging.

The PayPal donation button to the right I have doubts over.  Been there a long time and one person at least showed faith a contributed.  No one else.

I would rather people buy a book from the online store to show support and then at least they HAVE something solid to show for their support.

Now I did my once a week account checks. No sales on the online store
                                                                    No comments on CBO

Ooh! A message from PayPal. Right, apparently it seems I am not making very "effective use" of the donation account. Did I need help promoting it?  It would only cost ME money.  No.

Really -everyone wants money FROM me but no one wants to GIVE any.

Something went wrong somewhere.

So, please -PLEASE- at least consider visiting the online store.

Thank You

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